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Syracuse Sicily Italy 1568 Sebastian Munster Antique Engraved View 16th Century

Top 10 Places To Visit in Sicily Travel Guide X 19 cm / 11,4 x 7,4 inche. This item can be shipped worldwide. Due to the age an type of paper, some imperfections are to be expected. 11 x 10,3 cm / 4,3 x 3,9 inches. Syracuse sicily italy 1568 sebastian munster antique engraved view 16th century from a french language edition of munster's cosmography.

Antique Navajo Rug Native American Indian Weaving Vintage 46x27 Storm Pattern

How To Weave a Rag Rug Using Scrap Fabric EASY Rug Weaving Projects Antique navajo rug native american indian weaving vintage 46x27 storm pattern this was an intentional choice by the weaver. Good quality, thick weaving featuring a storm pattern with four whirling log motifs in each corner. Provenance Ownership History Not Available. Very unusual to see these two motifs in the same rug.

Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty 150yrs Hand Carved Wood Panel Red Yumu Elm 19x37

Making Exquisitely Carved Ebony Chairs How to Bleach and Spray with PU paint For Ebony Chairs Antique chinese qing dynasty 150yrs hand carved wood panel red yumu elm 19x37 as china attempts to maintain her long cultural heritage, such carvings are no longer being allowed out the country. You'll love it, I guarantee it. During the Chinese cultural revolution most of these fabulous carvings were destroyed.
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