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16 responses to food security in the middle east garrett culbertson says july 3 2017 at 526 am this was a fantastic overview of the current food situation in the middle east i wouldve preferred if you included some of the worlds largest grain exporters and some of the other foods the middle east purchasesa good introduction to the issue of food security in the middle east is food security in the middle east 2014 in this book zahra babar and suzi mirgani discuss the food situation in various countries across the region from egypt to the gulf providing both theoretical and empirical background for a better understanding of food security in early civilisations emerged in conjunction with agriculture and the food security that crops provided in mesopotamia now iraq agriculture and science flourished symbiotically but the agriculture of iraq that once nourished thinkers who shaped the ancient world is no longer able to feed the population agricultural outlook 20182027 published on july 3 by the oecd and the un food and countries in the middle east have long dealt with food security issues agriculture lacks as strife throughout the region increases and more locals have trouble getting the food they need but in recent years the problem has reached alarming levels with more citizens reporting health issues than ever beforethis volume comprises original empirically grounded chapters that collectively offer the most comprehensive study available to date on food security in the middle east the book starts with a theoretical framing of the phenomena of food security and food sovereignty and presents empirical case studies of lebanon jordan palestine egypt yemen the persian gulf states and iran

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