CSPC 2015 Announcement: Speaking Opportunity in Diaspora Scientists Symposium

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CSPC 2015 is pleased to announce speaking opportunities at the first in Canada Symposium:
“Diaspora Scientists: Canada’s untapped resource of global knowledge networks”

As part of the 7th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC 2015), to be held in Ottawa on November 25th - 27th 2015, CSPC is organizing the first national symposium on Canadian Diaspora Scientific Communities with the objective of mobilizing diaspora scientists to strengthen Canada’s global connections in science, innovation and trade.

We are seeking the participation of individuals with an interest in or connection to scientific diaspora communities, performing research or involved in collaboration. Specifically, we are inviting you as a panelist if:

  1. You have conducted research on the topic of diaspora scientists, in particular in relation to Canadian diaspora communities
  2. You are a diaspora scientist and engaged in collaborations with your country of origin
  3. You are a scientist and engaged in scientific/professional/trade diaspora organizations or groups

The objectives of this symposium include:

  • Mobilizing and connecting existing diaspora scientific communities in Canada
  • Providing networking opportunities among diaspora scientists and communities to share experiences, lessons, best practices, and generate new opportunities
  • Expanding Canadian international collaboration in science and innovation through diaspora communities in Canada
  • Forming a Canadian Diaspora Scientists Network, including a database of organizations and individuals who are active in this field, to utilize the potential of diaspora scientists to strengthen global connections in science, innovation and trade.

The symposium will be a one day pre-conference function on Nov. 25th covering topics in lessons from existing diaspora groups and academic research in this field and include an interactive session on forming the network of diaspora scientists. Canadian Science Policy Centre is organizing the symposium in collaboration with a number of governmental departments and non-government organizations in the field.

If you are interested in participating please send a summary of your research or activities related to Diaspora Scientists in Canada to Mehrdad Hariri at mehrdad.hariri@sciencepolicy.ca.

Spots on the panel are currently being filled so please send us your information as soon as possible to ensure your participation.